Villa Estrella is a perfect private paradise

Your Perfect Private Paradise

9 Reasons Why Villa Estrella is Your Perfect Private Paradise Your next vacation is going to be at a perfect private paradise. That is, it will be if you’re headed to Villa Estrella in Mexico. You don’t need to be a travel expert to know why this Mexico beach villa is your dream trip come…

Stellar Moments with Sea and Sky at Villa Estrella

Villa Estrella is all about intimate seductive communion with the power of nature. The endless surges of the sea and sky, the ocean waves below, the enormous blazing sky, caresses of wind, rustle of palms, the ever changing moods of sun,  stunning starry skies  the night. The passage of moon and planets.  Sensuous luxury for…

Finally, a list of Frequently Asked Questions

It only took 18 years. After laboriously answering the same questions hundreds of times, we figured that there had to be a better way. As they say “you get too soon old, and too late smart”. Let us know if you have a question not answered here, and we will add the answer to the list.

The list is a good read if you want to learn about Estrella quickly. Its not just dry fact, but also reflects some of our passions and biases as well, so enjoy.


We launched the panga from the beach of Platanitos Bay at dawn. The sun barely colouring the sky above the Sierra Madre Mountains to the east. Slipping seaward on glassy waters we immediately disappeared into the thick fogbank which had settled over the Pacific Coast for the past few days. We were beginning our adventure journey to Isla Isabel National Park, a bird and underwater sanctuary located 40 miles Northeast of Punta el Custodio, in the open Pacific.

Meet the Villa Estrella Newsletter

We receive hundreds of email inquiries from all over the world. A community of like minded people who share our deeply held values about how life and vacations should be enjoyed. We share the deep common love of unspoiled nature, of ocean, we love privacy, space and peace. We avoid mass tourism and follow the path less travelled to an exclusive beauty where simplicity, luxury and nature meet.

There is no Better Advertising than a Happy Guest

Absolute paradise! We wanted to find a beautiful (safe) place to get away, unwind and be together to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. All we could say when we arrived at Villa Estrella was “WOW” and “UNBELIEVABLE” (our faces are still sore from smiling so much :).

Ramblings on a Mexican Architecture

Villa Estrella is the inheritor of Mexican architecture traditions; the antidote to a modern life of tension, technology, hurry and worry. The villa represents the deep felt desire of man to be at one with his natural surroundings, to live as simply as possible, in tune with the deepest rhythms of nature that make the earth turn.