Stellar Moments with Sea and Sky at Villa Estrella

Villa Estrella is all about intimate seductive communion with the power of nature. The endless surges of the sea and sky, the ocean waves below, the enormous blazing sky, caresses of wind, rustle of palms, the ever changing moods of sun,  stunning starry skies  the night. The passage of moon and planets.  Sensuous luxury for…

El Cora Waterfall

El Cora Waterfall

On the fourth day of our visit to Villa Estrella, Ismael organized a wonderful excursion to the El Cora Waterfall. The driver arrived at the arranged time and was very courteous. The drive to the waterfall was a beautiful trip through the Mexican jungle, every so often spotting the ocean from a cliff-top advantage courtesy of the Sierra Madre foothills before turning inland at El Llano toward Tepic and the waterfall.

San Blas

On the Road to San Blas

Day trips to San Blas from Villa Estrella are family fun. Ismael can arrange for car and driver, its about a 45 minute trip up some of the prettiest countryside and coastline in the region. The views from some of the hillsides looking down into the orchard patchwork quilted valleys are just spectacular. tapestries of mango, banana and agave blanket the country side. The background to the west is the endless blue ocean and to your right, the glorious, lush green foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains.