Ramblings on a Mexican Architecture

Villa Estrella is the inheritor of Mexican architecture traditions; the antidote to a modern life of tension, technology, hurry and worry. The villa represents the deep felt desire of man to be at one with his natural surroundings, to live as simply as possible, in tune with the deepest rhythms of nature that make the earth turn.

Punta El Custodio

Punta El Custodio

Punta el Custodio is on the Riviera Nayarit, near the tiny beach village of Platanitos. Punta means Point, Punta el Custodio is like a small village built on a small peninsula projecting into the sea. We are surrounded on three sides by Pacific ocean, including a fabulous surfing beach. The community is operated by the 19 villa owners and at this time we have 15 lovely villas, each one uniquely different.

Villa Estrella Mexican Art

Another Day In Paradise

The Riviera Nayarit is truly a magic part of Mexico and this part of the Riviera is so unspoiled and undiscovered. Villa Estrella is offered for rent and potential renters should really consider what amazing value is being offered. You get a full 3 bedroom, 3 bath villa, suitable for rental by 3 couples. What a great way to share the rental cost! You are surrounded on 3 sides by ocean, are steps from an amazing 12 mile undeveloped, beautiful sandy beach, are submersed in lush, tropical gardens, and served by Rosa like royalty.