Day of the Dead Celebrations

All About Celebrating the Day of the Dead (el Día de los Muertos) in Mexico

The Day of the Dead – known in Mexico as the Día de los Muertos – is an annual celebration that continues across the first two days of November. This festivity takes place throughout the country and is a celebration of life and death.  Families appreciate their lives together and commemorate their loved ones who…

Ultimate Mexico Vacation Packing List

The Ultimate Mexico Vacation Packing List

If you’re wondering what should be on your Mexico vacation packing list, we have you covered. When you’re headed to Nayarit, there are certain things that will be very helpful for you to have.  These suggestions will involve the basics, but don’t forget to make sure it includes any extras you’ll need for the particular…

Things to Do on a Fall Vacation in Mexico

Best Things to Do During a Fall Vacation in Mexico

The summer is at an end and the first signs of cooler weather are here, making many people turn to what their options would be for a fall vacation in Mexico.  After all, just because the hottest season is over, it doesn’t mean you’re done with the warm weather.  This is particularly true this year, when many of us are in the mood to break away from the everyday and experience something new.

Mexico's Independence Day in 2020

What Mexico’s Independence Day Celebrations Look Like in 2020

Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations for 2020 looked a little different than they have in previous years, for obvious reasons.  The festivities will usually fill streets in cities and towns across the country.  However, this year, in order to keep people safe, the celebrations needed to be altered. What Normally Happens? Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations in…

Americans Love Mexico Travel Destinations

American Travelers Will Continue Their Love of Mexico Travel Destinations

Mexico travel destinations have always been one of the top choices for Americans heading away on vacation.  Whether for family vacations, a romantic honeymoon or a wild spring break, there is always something perfect for everyone. A Changing World, but the US Still Loves Mexico Travel Destinations It can’t be denied that the pandemic has…

Planning a Luxury Vacation in Mexico

How to Create Your First Luxury Vacation in Mexico

As the world starts to take its first peeks at opening up again, it’s a good time to teach yourself how to plan a luxury vacation in Mexico.  That way, you’ll have everything in place to move forward with your dream trip once you can safely do so. Getting Started with Planning Your Luxury Vacation…

March in Nayarit Mexico

What’s Coming Up in March in Nayarit, Mexico?

If you will be spending part or all of March in Nayarit, Mexico, then you’re in luck because there is a lot happening in the state this month. The area is always a great place to go for festivals and celebrations of many kinds, but this month has a beautiful spectrum of things to see…

Is Mexico Safe for US Travelers?

Is Mexico Safe for US Travelers?

As the weather cools and we start dreaming of our winter travel plans, many people have been wondering if Mexico is safe for travelers from the United States.  Our neighbor to the south has been an extremely popular vacation destination over the winter and during spring break. That said, there have been some pretty disconcerting…

Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica 2019

Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica

Don’t Miss This Year’s Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica for Top Chef Delicacies Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica is primed and ready to go for another year.  In 2019, the tag line of the event is “We have a story to tell.” Not only is this an exciting theme, but it also tops off the fact that this year…