planning a Mexico destination wedding

Mexican Destination Wedding

How to Plan a Mexican Destination Wedding Congratulations! You’re ready to plan a Mexican destination wedding. You’re going to be thrilled with your choice of location. Mexico is a country that is perfectly suited to weddings of all sizes. Thousands of brides and grooms from around the world choose a Mexican destination wedding for many…

Pizza Night at Casa Manana

One of our favorite things to do on Saturday night when staying at Villa Estrella is to drive to Casa Manana at Playa Los Cocos for pizza night. It’s about a 25 minute drive and we like to get there about a half hour before sunset so that we can all be in position, with our margaritas in hand, when the fireball is ready to be swallowed by the sea.

Planning Puerto Vallarta Wedding

Planning Your Wedding in Puerto Vallarta

Of the villas available for hosting a wedding, Villa Estrella is the best, both for its beauty and high-quality accommodations. Have your wedding ceremony by the grand pool as a Mariachi band fills the air with music and hundreds of fresh flowers shower your guests with a beautiful aroma. Following your ceremony, hold your reception in the grand room underneath a masterfully-designed palapa roof and treat your guests to some of the most exquisite foods and drinks that Mexico has to offer.