Spectacular Locations for Surfing in Nayarit Mexico

There are some gorgeous locations for surfing in Nayarit Mexico, though all too many surfers from outside the country don’t know about them. They’re often considered hidden gems, as most tourists head to other parts of Mexico and miss these spectacular opportunities.

Punta Mita, Sayulita and San Blas are all wonderful places for surfing in Nayarit Mexico, all within easy reach of Villa Estrella.

What to Expect from Surfing in Nayarit Mexico

Surfing in Nayarit Mexico provides an enviable experience to those who love the sport. After all, the waves are stunning, and they’re not crowded, despite the lovely beaches. There is equipment for everybody from beginners to pros, and it’s not hard to find an instructor to hire to show you how to get started.

The beauty of surfing in Nayarit Mexico is in the sheer number of its beaches that offer waves that can appeal to all skill levels. The state is located on the Pacific West Coast of the country. You’ll find dozens upon dozens of great break point surf locations and reef breaks. If you’re new and are looking for something gentler – or even a boogey boarding experience – you’ll have ample opportunities. Still, the same can be said for more experienced surfers.

Types of Surfing in Nayarit Mexico

While you’re on your vacation at your luxury villa rental in Mexico, you can try many different kinds of surfing. Surfing in Nayarit Mexico doesn’t have to involve the traditional experience of standing on a surfboard and riding a wave. Instead, there is traditional surfing, but also paddle surfing, long board surfing, short board surfing, boogey boarding, and big wave body surfing, among others.

Surfing in Nayarit Mexico is typically considered to be some of the best in all of Central America. In Punta Pita’s southern peninsula alone, there are seven different surf breaks. Each one offers an experience for different skill levels. Riviera Nayarit also features some beautiful opportunities from Chacala to San Blas.

Best Surfing Locations in Nayarit Mexico

In Punta Mita, check out:

  • The Cove
  • La Lancha
  • El Anclote
  • Punta Burros
  • Los Vernos
  • Beach Break
  • Swimming Pools surf break

In Sayulita, head to:

  • Sayulita

Other great spots for surfing in Nayarit Mexico are:

  • La Calenta
  • Stoners
  • Matenchen Bay
  • Lolas

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